capilano Lodge
no. 164
North Vancouver

Masonic labor is purely a labor of love. He who seeks to draw Masonic wages in gold and silver will be disappointed. The wages of a Mason are earned and paid in their dealings with one another; sympathy that begets sympathy, kindness begets kindness, helpfulness begets helpfulness, and these are the wages of a Mason.

∼ Benjamin Franklin

What is Freemasonry?

A Mason is a member of the oldest and largest goodwill fraternity in the world, known as Masonry or Freemasonry. Masonry teaches that each man has a duty to make life better, not just for himself, but for everyone. Whether that means helping to clean up the environment, volunteering on civic projects, or helping a child learn how to read – Masons make a difference every day. Although Masonry is not a religion, members must have a belief in a Supreme Being. All religions are welcome. Masonry insists on toleration and the right for each member to think for himself in religious, social, and political matters. Like any fraternity, some of the Masonic information is privileged to only the members. However, Masonry is not a secret society. It does not hide its existence or attempt to conceal the purposes, goals, or principles of Masonry. Most importantly, Masons are presented with the opportunity to grow as individuals, are provided with the tools to make a difference, and are challenged to leave the world a better place. Our Mission: To be the first choice of men of quality, who will contribute to the strength of the organization and enhance its ability to achieve its vision. Freemasonry in British Columbia shall accomplish this by creating a growing, active, relevant organization of great appeal that is well known and respected for making a difference

How to Join?


Anyone should feel free to approach any Mason to seek further information about the Fraternity.

If you are interested in joining, but do not know anyone who is a Mason, please contact us by e-mail and our Secretary will get in touch with you.

Only men can apply for membership.

Members of any religion, race, creed, and nationality are accepted.

Masons do not recruit, you must ask to join. If you have been wondering why your Masonic friends haven't invited you to join, it is because of this reason. A Mason can talk to you about masonry, can tell you many things about the Lodge, the history of the fraternity, the ideals... but he can not invite you to join or solicit your membership. This is one of our principles.

Once you have contacted our Secretary, he will have a few brothers meet with you. From there, the introductory Brothers, will be able to introduce you to additional brethren. This will be your opportunity to get to know the Lodge Membership and vice versa. A this stage, both you and the Lodge Membership, can mutually see if you would be a good fit for our Lodge. The process will take some time, so you'll need to be patient. The above is known as the six step program.

Once you have completed the six step program, you will be provided a petition for initiation to the Lodge.

  1. Must have the ability to read and write in English
  2. Must have resided in British Columbia or the Yukon for the previous six months
  3. Must have resided within the jurisdiction of the constituent lodge for the previous six months
  4. Must be of age of Majority (21)
  5. Must believe in a Supreme Being
  6. Must be a man of good character and reputation, free born, and capable of supporting himself and those dependent upon him
  7. Must complete the six step program
  8. Must be recommended by two members of the Lodge
  9. Must pay initiation fees and annual dues.
  10. Must be actively involved in the working of their lodge.
  11. A commitment of two to four evenings a month and the effort to study and understand Freemasonry's philosophy, history, ritual and practices
  12. Must be prepared to honor his country, uphold its laws, and respect those in authority

If you see a man who quietly and modestly moves in the sphere of his life; who, without blemish, fulfills his duty as a man, a subject, a husband and a father; who is pious without hypocrisy, benevolent without ostentation, and aids his fellowman without self-interest; whose heart beats warm for friendship, whose serene mind is open for licensed pleasures, who in vicissitudes does not despair, nor in fortune will be presumptuous, and who will be resolute in the hour of danger;

The man who is free from superstition and free from infidelity; who in nature sees the finger of the Eternal Master; who feels and adores the higher destination of man; to whom faith, hope and charity are not mere words without any meaning; to whom property, nay even life, is not too dear for the protection of innocence and virtue, and for the defense of truth;

The man who towards himself is a severe judge, but who is tolerant with the debilities of his neighbour; who endeavours to oppose errors without arrogance, and to promote intelligence without impatience; who properly understands how to estimate and employ his means; who honours virtue though it may be in the most humble garment, and who does not favour vice though it be clad in purple; and who administers justice to merit whether dwelling in palaces or cottages.

The man who, without courting applause, is loved by all noble-minded men, respected by his superiors and revered by his subordinates; the man who never proclaims what he has done, can do, or will do, but where need is will lay hold with dispassionate courage, circumspect resolution, indefatigable exertion and a rare power of mind, and who will not cease until he has accomplished his work, and then, without pretension, will retire into the multitude because he did the good act, not for himself, but for the cause of good!

If you, my Brethren meet such a man, you will see the personification of brotherly love, relief and truth; and you will have found the ideal of a Freemason.

Excerpted from "The History of Freemasonry" by Otto Klotz, The Canadian Craftsman, March 15, 1868. M.W. Bro. Otto Klotz was an honourary Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario.